Our approach

Our starting point is the client

Our law firm, Studio Legale Servili, realizes that clients, whether individuals or legal entities, come to us with legal issues that have a deep financial and emotional impact in their lives. We take into consideration very seriously these aspects when planning a legal strategy: once we understand what the most important goal is for the clients, we pay attention on how the law will impact them on that particular situation.

We know that most of our clients have rarely dealt with the legal system, therefore, we encourage them to ask any questions in order to remove any doubts and uncertainties they might have.

We also know that often there is more than one option to follow when choosing how to proceed in legal matters: our law firm has extensive experience in the field of counseling, and this allows us to clearly outline the various options and to foresee their probable results. Even in situations that can be very complex, we strive to give the best and clearest advice possible.

Our law firm does the utmost to work with diligence and perseverance in order to assist its clients and give them the results they are looking for and that they expect. To learn more how we can help you, please contact our office.